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This one goes out to all my fellow weirdos here on Vingle.

Have you ever had one of those days when you're micro-managing your level of chill and then suddenly you find yourself waist-deep in a trashcan and calling yourself Trashius, Lord of Garbage?

What keeps YOU from being normal?

(For me, it's the fact that pigs' feet - braised not pickled - is one of my favorite foods of all time. I can eat that stuff like corn on the cob. I don't even care. I go savage.)
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@danidee the first time I went to the bookstore (barns and noble) was about 5-4 weeks ago I thought I was in heaven
@HandsomeBacon Well, I mean. You ARE bacon..
@jazmineramirez9 YES! Isn't it fun?
@danidee handsome bacon
@danidee since my dad took me I begged him to buy me all of the 24 fairy tail manga books there he thought I was crazy!(>y<)