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For some reason, I like using makeup apps on Idols. I love changing their eyes to bright colors.. That's the first one I made, and I made it in 10 minutes. I don't even know lol
Got that smexy Jeonghan with those smexy blue eyes
But that difference though..
Someone please tell me.. What the heck am I doing with my life I'm so confused lol
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the last one makes him look like an elf from lord of the rings
2 years ago·Reply
@AbbyRamey lol yah @RebeccaLondon I have succeeded. Legolas Ren😂
2 years ago·Reply
The first picture of Jeonghan is perfection
2 years ago·Reply
@SerenaArthurs hehe, I know right? He looks like the angel he is❤
2 years ago·Reply