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Fairy Tail Manga Discussion
Okay so I've noticed this The *seven* stars the monstrous *six* *five* days worth of food the *fourth* guest and it also mentioned the *third* guest in the latest chapter... this is obviously a countdown, but what for? something big is going to happen.. do you have any ideas? let's discuss.
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@UzumakiJess @Shaggystwin oooh nice. But gildarts does need to show up. that loser. and as for the final showdown, I'm not prepared 馃槀 there's alot more fights and things I want to see happen, but oh well.
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I think Gildarts is about to show up! @Shaggystwin
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Do you guys buy the Manga online or do you have a app or something to download fairy tail mangas? I wanna read them all, but that'd cost so much to buy T-T
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zingbox manga @SkyRed63
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@SkyRed63 I read them for free online at . you can download it too.
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