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Alright class, history lesson.

I saw in the comments that @ibMIMI wanted to talk more about older groups and guys, I'm here for you.

Here are some of my favorite tracks from before 2010!

TVXQ - Wrong Number (2009)

Alright, basically every song by TVXQ (when they were all 5 members) is a JAM. Do yourself a favor and fully immerse yourselves in the Cassiopeia world.

SS501 - Love Like This

Fun fact, the people who wrote this song also worked on Oh My Girl's Closer! I actually saw them perform this at the Korean Music Festival in 2009 in LA :D SUCH A JAM.

TVXQ - Mirotic (2009)

TVXQ again. This song is ICONIC and people still reference it all the time. The dance is soooooooo great.

BoA - Eat You Up (2009)

BoA is such a queen, she even went on tour with Britney Spears! Also check out Hurricane Venus which came out in 2011!

SHINee - Replay (2010)

GAH this is when I lost my MIND for Key. This is still one of my favorite SHINee songs ever and is so, so sooo good.

Super Junior - No Other (2010)

I have to admit, I love everything that SuJu put out pre-Mr.Simple. This is an example of their cuter, lighter stuff and its SO FLUFFY.

Epik High - One (2010)

Epik High was one of my first loves of Kpop and this song still hits me like a brick wall. It's stunning and PLEASE look up the lyric translation, its amazing.

What are some of your favorite older Kpop songs?

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@MaelstromVIP you are correct!
@mllemarina that's what I thought cuz I found the song an hour after it dropped and couldn't find any other songs of them.
Shinee Replay 😍😍 and UKiss she's mine
I've only heard Mirotic so I will have to check these other songs as well ^-^