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Okay, so I am posting this like I promised I would, except on just another card. ROMEO, who debuted last year, has made a comeback! I love this group! They kind of remind me of Shinee a little bit maybe??? In the MV, there's mix of dance choreography and the members are wandering around what I'm guessing is Korea(?). If I knew all the members I would point out more details. But they are so cute!!!! And "Nightmare", to me, is a pretty good song. I can't wait to see more from ROMEO and watch them grow. If you don't know who ROMEO is, then I recommend that you check them out!!! One more thing guys: Don't forget to comment your ideas on something new you guys think I should do on here!!! I REALLY REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!!! And it would mean a lot to me! I still promise to post a card on your favorite group or solo artist, I just need suggestions! Thanks loves!!!
i'd be interested to see what you think of jonghyun's new mv that just came out!
@kpopandkimchi I JUST watched the MV! I probably won't do it tonight, but I might tomorrow night. I just had a really long day at work and I'm glad I had enough energy to post this one.
omg the dance is SO CUTE!!!!!