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So I watched/binged my first kdrama today!! I watched You Are Beautiful and since the beginning u recognized one of the characters but couldn't put my finger on it. So I continued watching the series until I fell hard, really hard for the character Shin Woo and rooted for him until the end ): so in between I looked him up and found out he is in cnblue! I haven't had time to get into them with school and everything but I knew I had seen him before! ahh so I'm finished with this series, loved the ending, (wish she ended up with shin woo still but /: ) and now suggestions for next drama?
watch heartstrings both younghwa and shinhye are the leads
I recommend To the Beautiful You! It's another one that is a little bit older (2012) but has a TON of familiar Kpop faces and is super cute XD
Yes same! Second male lead syndrome strikes again. This was my first drama too, which got me into kpop because of Yonghwa being in CNBLUE and Hongki being in F.T. Island!
@Lindseypls I will look it up! thank you for the suggestion! @KpopGaby I know I had to take a break getting closer to the end because it felt like I was getting rejected 馃槀 but I will look these up as well! thank you!
@JessAS Second male lead syndrome is a very common theme that will continue to break your heart. I watched Heartstrings to get over the heartbreak of Shin Woo not getting Go Minam. Also Hulu or Hulu plus has a lot of kdramas, more than Netflix I think.
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