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So I watched/binged my first kdrama today!! I watched You Are Beautiful and since the beginning u recognized one of the characters but couldn't put my finger on it. So I continued watching the series until I fell hard, really hard for the character Shin Woo and rooted for him until the end ): so in between I looked him up and found out he is in cnblue! I haven't had time to get into them with school and everything but I knew I had seen him before! ahh so I'm finished with this series, loved the ending, (wish she ended up with shin woo still but /: ) and now suggestions for next drama?
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@JessAS Second male lead syndrome is a very common theme that will continue to break your heart. I watched Heartstrings to get over the heartbreak of Shin Woo not getting Go Minam. Also Hulu or Hulu plus has a lot of kdramas, more than Netflix I think.
if u watch fated to love you watch the taiwanese version too I personally like it better
I use dramafever and viki. I loved She was Pretty. Had second lead syndrome like no tomorrow for my boy choi Siwon from super junior!!
@Ktc612 thank you! i got to the second episode and just fangirled that i saw baby exo 馃槃馃槃馃槃
@JessAS I'm glad you like it!!! It's probably one of my top 3 favorites : ) and isn't baby EXO the cutest!!!! 馃槏