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ok i was bored and wanted to make another card since i had nothing better to do haha comment below and tell me all this and be honest~ YOU MUST ANSWER ALL 34. NO LYING. 1.) Single: yes *so sad le cries a river* #teamsingle 2.) Crushing? yes! 3.) Favorite food? suhshi and frenchfries~ 4.) Favorite color ? all dark colors besides white 5.) Favorite Music? kpop~ 6.) Favorite band/artists? BTS EXO infinite BAP monsta x etc * going crazy to many boy and girl groups and to long to list* 7.) Talents? dancing and rapping 8.) In love? nope 9)Hobbies? dancing rapping choreographing and listening to music reading fanfiction playing with kids or babies~ 10.) Gamer? a little 11) Swag/emo/scene? allin the category~ 12.) Long/short hair? long 13.) Height? *glares at person who made this oh wait it was me haha stupied* im bery short and small haha 4'4' 14.) Jacket/Hoodie? hoodie duh~ 15.) Eye color? brown whish i could chbage it to any color i wanted to tho 16.) Hair color? brownish with blonde so brown and blonde in ombre way 17.) Shirt color? black or gray 18.) Jeans or shorts? both at times 19) Get married? maybe in the future *screams taehyungs name and he comes by and asks you to marry him~ le dies* 20.) Have kids? in the future i will 21.) Get divorced? dont plan on it 22.) Ever or still do wet the bed? nope not no more 23.) Had or have depression? yes 24.) Daydream? alot especially in class 25.) Thought of food? i have no clue tbh 26.) Someone you love? bros and sis they are the world to me 27.) Someone you hate? sorry to all the taeyon lovers please dont lash out on me i just dont like her idk why please please dont lash out on me 28.) Dream job? and kpop idol or a dancer someone famous or a dancer teacher or choreographer 29.) Got tattoos? back of my ear my wrist my ankle and my back neck and my back and my upper left shoulder 30.) Got piercings? lip and bellybuttion getting my tongue and my eyebrow pierced soon maybe 31.) Worst day of your life? idk i had alot 32.) Best day of your life : idk i had alot 33.) Biggest fear? losing the people i love and dying because of old age 34.) Biggest insecurity: my height and my weight but use to people calling me short and ugly so ey not really i guess so yea thats mine comment below or make a card and tag me if you want i was bored and just put out some random questions on here so yea lol be honest on here and comment below ill put the questions below if you want to make a card and please follow the rules thank you~ YOU MUST ANSWER ALL 34. NO LYING. 1.) Single: 2.) Crushing? 3.) Favorite food? 4.) Favorite color ? 5.) Favorite Music? 6.) Favorite band/artists? 7.) Talents? 8.) In love? 9)Hobbies? 10.) Gamer? 11) Swag/emo/scene? 12.) Long/short hair? 13.) Height? 14.) Jacket/Hoodie? 15.) Eye color? 16.) Hair color? 17.) Shirt color? 18.) Jeans or shorts? 19) Get married? 20.) Have kids? 21.) Get divorced? 22.) Ever or still do wet the bed? 23.) Had or have depression? 24.) Daydream? 25.) Thought of food? 26.) Someone you love? 27.) Someone you hate? 28.) Dream job? 29.) Got tattoos? 30.) Got piercings? 31.) Worst day of your life? 32.) Best day of your life : 33.) Biggest fear? 34.) Biggest insecurity:
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1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Chinese food 4. Green and black 5. Kpop 6. BTS, VIXX, Seventeen 7. I can make weird mating calls 8. I'm not sure quite possibly 9. Don't really have any 10. Sometimes 11. Maybe not swag but swaeg 12. Longish 13. 5'2 14. Hoodie 15. Blue-ish gray 16. Blonde-ish 17. Currently pink 18. Jeans 19. No 20. No 21. No 22. No 23. Yes 24. A lot recently 25. Like why I like food? Because it's yummy 26. Family, pets all 132 of my baes 27. My dad and his mother 28. I don't have one at the moment it's changed so much over the years 29. No 30. No but I want to get my ears pierced 31. September 12, 2015 32. I don't think I have one 33. I have a lot, maybe not being able to see my idols while I'm still young? Losing my family and friends and pets, dying at any time 34. Weight and the way my whole body looks, I don't mind being short anymore
@taetaebaozi yea yea ....tomorrow yes tomorrow definitely tomorrow
@LunaCordero so many questions so much brain work..so little brain power hahaha
Oh you.are evil....
@SerenaArthurs at least your in the 5's im not
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