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As you can probably tell, I am still pretty new to Vingle. So when I saw @hikaymm 's post I had to jump on the opportunity! Thank you for the great idea!! πŸ˜„
1. My username: As play off of my first and middle name (Amanda Lynn), I combined it with the small guitar, Mandolin. Amanda Lynn + Mandolin = MandaLin
2. Top three genres: β€’ Action/Adventure β€’ Romance β€’ Supernatural
3. Recommended anime: Well I could probably go on for days about great anime, but I don't and you don't have the time for that, so I've selected two of my most recent favorites...
Snow White with the Red Hair A fantastic and new anime about a girl finding what she truly wants in the world. After running away from an overly-privileged and selfish prince who sought her for her red hair, Shirayuki runs into an adventurous guy named Zen and the romance continues from there. A wonderful display of romance, comedy, and action/adventure filled with great characters.
Blood Blockade Battlefront: A fast paced and comical adventure that starts when a boy leaves home after a sight-stealing incident. Traveling to Hellsalem's Lot (a city filled with monsters), Leonardo Watch joins the group Libra to fight terrorists and monsters. As he does this he finds a reason to fight and gains fantastic friends. A great display of diverse and comical characters using action, supernatural, and generally fantastic means of story.
So there's a little about me. I encourage you to join in the fun and tell us about you! Thanks for reading 😊 All images are not mine. Give credit to originals. @jessicaferrier
Haha maybe it should've @JessicaFerrier
I still think your username should have been Mandar though
It's about time Manda! I've been waiting for you to make an intro card, lol 😜