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This card was totally inspired by the lovely @sophiamor. (link) Now she didn't do a K-pop one but it was cute which led me to do this one.


So let's go to my first 10 K-pop crushes lmbo. Just kidding I can't upload all those sexy wouldn't be interested. Anyways....gaja (가자). *Fair Warning* -a bit of language, sexiness and other good stuff but you have been warned if you're sensitive.

So...first Kpop idol crush was:

Sung-kyu (김성규)

From Infinite!!!! Any Inspirits reading here?!! -Holaaaaa. Currently on replay are their songs "Bad", "Last Romeo" & "Back". There's just something about this man..ughh anyone feeling this way? lord. Like how freaking adorable are they with flower crowns, especially that and their aegyo.....can't even (only odd lol) Now they weren't the first K-pop group I listened to but definitely he was one of my infinite crushes jaja (bad pun) lol. Man I totally fell for him in their MV "The Chaser" and all over again in "Bad" because for a minute there is thought L and Dongwoo where fighting for that crush spot but oh no, Sunggyu said sike!!!!I'm back. -It's his eyeseu and eye smile that does it for me.
Literally me whenever someone from Infinite tried to take his spot..he came back into my view like. My hearteu couldn't take it. So I tired to act surprised. lol
But in the end he has moved to be one of my main first K-pop crushes.
I don't regret any of it because now I'm a huge multi-fandom individual with too many biases, bias wreckers, true loves and crushes. So my question to you is:

Do you remember your first crush?

Please let me know in the comments below or make your own card. I would actually like to see and know everyone's first crush..not bias unless they became your bias but either way I'll be doing a whole different card of that later. <@_@> Can't wait.
@KpopQueenaBee his abs made me cry....😢😢
OMG ..of course is like first love you will never forget..although he has nothing to do with boys groups..haha.. LEE MIN HO.. LMAOO! That was my first the one and ONLY..then I got into the Kpop music world and my first group believe it or not was SHINEE And my UB from shinee Minho ..same name ahhaha..coincidence. .and then it started the UB's for each group and you know the rest everyone has a list..ahha
My first crush was on the one and only Kwon Jiyong 😍😍😍😍😍😍 AKA G-Dragon!!! That man has been doing it for me since 2010 😂 For females it was Sunny from SNSD 😍 Who is Female UB 😄
Sung Gyu OPPAAAAAA 😍😍😍😘😘😘 I LOVE HIM!!! BUT........ I would have to say my first kpop crush was Kim Jongin. His dancing, his laugh, his humor... I love it 😆😆
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