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Hey girls well I recntly purchased this shampoo & well so far my hair has felt better than ever anyways have anyone else used it any comments about it i loved how it has given my hair alot of volume it also looks and feels soft anyone else tried it
@yuliram Thanks for the review! I'll be keeping an eye out for this one!
@HairConfetti yes one reason i purchased to see if my hair grows i hae used it about three times and my hair already feels softer looks soft my hair looks fuller with more volume i needed more volume to my hair but im hoping my hair grows a bit more i purchased at the store kroggers but. have seened it i walmart and sallys so far i been loving that it is a shampoo there are also conditioners
I actually never heard of this product before. Can you elaborate a bit more if this shampoo? I'm really curious if it speeds up the process of hair growth! Thank you!!