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To those of you who consider yourselves clumsy, meet Diesel, an adorable (and probably MORE clumsy) English Bulldog that can't seem to stop running into walls.

Somehow Diesel decided he wanted to carry this box around without realizing just how badly it would impair his vision. This doesn't actually stop him though, as anyone who has ever owned a dog could probably understand. Dogs just like to do weird things.
But instead of helping Diesel find his way (or taking the box away from him), the dog's owner simply pulls out their camera phone and films him as he repeatedly bumps into different surfaces - over and over and over.
Check out the full three-minute clip - yes, THREE MINUTES of bumping into stuff - in the embedded video above, and then let me know:

Pet owners, what's the weirdest/funniest/downright adorable clumsy thing your pet's ever done?

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i had a skitzo cat that decided she wanted to come running inside through a doorway that had a sliding glass door.....that was closed......she hit it so hard that she landed on her back All four legs In the air
@paultipps323 LMAO I just visualized that and it made me picture some sort of cartoon.