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Hello Everyone! I was tagged from @kpopINT I thought that this challenge was cute and so I decided to try this out The funny thing is my profile picture is J-hope but I want to get married to RapMon. lol.... RapMon is forever in my heart but I'm slowly getting attached to J-hope ~ But anyway! I hope you guys will enjoy! :)
So of course, I would like to be getting married to RapMon :3 A Really handsome and smart guy.
I chose 3 completely different songs. It is because they are for different events lol. I couldn't think or find 3 songs that'll fit for me walking down the aisle. However here is the list: 1). DBSK- Love In The Ice This song will be playing when I'm walking down the aisle. 2). BTS- Outro: Propose This will be playing when my husband and I are done making vows and we're both walking down the aisle together :) 3). Block B- Bingle Bingle After party? LOLOL I just love this song. Like, all your friends and family are together. Might as well party all night. Like what they said, "We gonna party all night till the morn"
However..... I can only fantasied this beautiful idea because there is already proof that he belongs to someone else already...