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What Was The First Kpop Song You Heard?

We haven't checked up on this in a while and I feel like a lot of new people are in the community so let's start this again!

What's the FIRST Kpop song you ever heard!?

Mine was "O" by TVXQ after a lot of wrong turns on YouTube XD

From there I found Big Bang, Super Junior, and the rest is history!

Leave your first Kpop song in the comments or make your own card^^

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Call Me Baby by EXO - still one of my favorites
a year agoReply
gee girls generation
a year agoReply
Pray by F.T. Island
a year agoReply
Technically it was Lies by Big Bang :3
a year agoReply
haru haru by Big Bang. My brother was the one to introduce me to kpop lol
a year agoReply