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Some of you may not know me, others of you do... I'm not sure which group is luckier lol. Username meaning... it's kind of obvious & pervy, but WaifuLuka was already taken. I have used this tag in several games so here I am. Top 3 Genres: I enjoy almost everything except BL, can't get myself to like it, but if you do- good for you. Since I have to pick, I would have to choose Harem, Adventure & Slice of Life. A series everyone should watch: Everyone has different tastes, so it's hard to pick just one. I think the one that would appeal to the most people would be Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. This is one of my favorite shows ever & after watching it 6-7 times it still gets to me at the end. The most tragic love story ever comes in a close second -- Mirai Nikki. I don't really know anyone on here or how to tag( I fail, I know) so....
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