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Yoongi won.

Who is the next member? Hobi?

Missed the beginning?
You stood there, taken aback by his presence. You didn’t expect him to be here of all places. You heard he was training to debut as an idol, why would he be back in his hometown?
You finally found the strength to pull your eyes away from him and immediately turn around, bumping into a young girl pretty hard.
“Ouch!” she cries out, as you both fall on your bums.
You apologize profusely, hoping her yell didn’t make that much of a scene and help her up.
“Y/N?” you hear him call out, a sense of shock undertoning his voice.
You froze in place, trying to pretend not to hear him and dust the girl off.
“I’m so sorry,” you repeat.
“It’s fine,” she mumbles, pulling away.
“Y/N!” he calls out again, his voice closer this time.
You force yourself to turn around, meeting his eyes. There was no avoiding it now.
“Yoongi,” you mumble, forcing a smile on your face.
He hugs you and smiles, “It’s been a while!”
“Yeah, I heard you were in Big Hit.”
“I am, but I don’t start again for another week or so. Wow, how have you been? I don’t think i’ve seen you since that night we—”
“Yeah i’ve been good,” you cut him off, not wanting to be reminded of it, “Just school ya know?”
“You’ve always been smart so i’m sure it’s just a walk in the park.”
You shrug, trying to make it clear you don’t want this conversation to go on.
“Hey, I have to go but we should catch up sometime…” he suggests hesitantly, “Do you mind giving me your number?”
“How about I take yours?” you reply, pulling your phone out. You didn’t know whether you wanted him back into your life or not. So at least by taking his number down, the ball was in your court…right?
He agrees and gives it to you and says his farewells. You head home as quickly as possible and call your friend, breaking the story down for her.
“So let me get this straight since it’s getting a bit confusing. Essentially what you’re saying is…you both fooled around in high school and even though you both liked each other, you didn’t date? You just never talked after that night?”
“No, I only liked him. I was practically in love with him. So when he kind of avoided me my heart was broken. So I don’t know if he liked me and he didn’t talk to me either,” you correct.
“He liked you,” she replies confidently, “There’s no way he didn’t. He spent every waking moment either with you or texting you. There’s no way he didn’t have some sort of attraction to you.”
“I don’t know…we were both so awkward with each other after that.”
“Well you were both best friends. Of course it would be awkward. Not everything is like a movie scene where anything you do gives you normal and dandy results. It’s awkward making out with your best friend!”
“I guess…”
“Are you going to text him?”
“I haven’t decided yet,” you reply, biting your bottom lip. You knew exactly what she was going to say next: “You better text him!”
“Y/N! You better text him!” She yells into the phone shortly after, “Not today but tomorrow!”
You were silent, still trying to dissect what would happen if you do. There was no doubt all the feelings would just rush back like a waterfall.
“Ok you promised me that at the beginning of the new year you’d be more confident with yourself and express your feelings more. What happened?”
“He’s different,” you argue.
“I know. You were heart broken. But I think you should both talk it out before anything else, let him know your feelings. I just think you need closure. Invite him over to your dorm and talk. Maybe he’ll even bring it up.”
You groan in agreement and hang up. The universe was just not having it with you this year. Only two days in and you were greeted with a memory you had no intention of reliving.
You text Yoongi late the next afternoon and invite him over. He agrees and you start to feel nauseous.
“I’m going to throw up,” you warn your friend over the phone.
“Stop, everything will be fine in the end!” she reassures you, “Don’t worry so much!”
“I’m not worrying! I’m nervous!”
“Don’t be! You’re just going to talk. It’s not like he’s going to come over and cuss you out or something.”
You talk to her until the moment you hear him knock on your door.
“Oh my God he’s here,” you mutter, “He’s here…he’s here, he’s here.”
You start to panic, not knowing what to do.
“Go open the door! Call me later!”
“No don’t leave me!” you beg, feeling your stomach slowly twist.
“Go open the door! I’ll text you!”
She hangs up on you and you walk towards the door, taking a deep breathe before you open it.
“Hey!” he greets happily.
You hug and allow him in, going straight to the living room.
“You live here by yourself?” he asks, looking around.
“No I have two other roommates but they’re out on a trip with our friends. Cabins up in the mountains.”
“You didn’t go?”
“It’s not really my thing…” you say quietly, suddenly feeling nauseous again.
“Oh yeah, you’re not the outdoor-sy type,” he remembers, “You know, I didn’t think you’d text me.”
“Why not?”
“Ever since…that night…we haven’t really spoken. I thought you hated me.”
“Well I kind of did,” you confess, gaining the courage to talk about it, “You kind of just left me in the cold.”
“What do you mean?” he replies, shocked, “I didn’t do anything.”
“You avoided me like I was the black plague Yoongi, I don’t know if you remember that part.”
“I don’t,” he replies sharply, “I never avoided you.”
“Yes you did. I wouldn’t have been so heartbroken if you didn’t.”
“you just always overthink things,” he argues, quickly getting defensive, “I didn’t avoid you. You just lied to yourself enough to convince you that I did.”
“So then why didn’t you talk to me after that?”
“You know I don’t talk a lot to begin with.”
“You talked a lot to me. Day in and day out. Then suddenly after that one night, you just stopped.”
He pressed his lips together, not saying a word.
“See,” you continue, taking that as him throwing in the white flag, “You abandoned me.”
“Just because I didn’t respond doesn’t mean you’re right,” he shoots back.
“I had the biggest crush on you.”
He could only stare, his voice failing him.
“You tell me I overthink. So imagine the thoughts going through my head when you avoided me. Am I a bad kisser? Did I do something wrong? Did he not like it? Does he not like me? Does he regret it?”
“I wasn’t thinking any of that.”
“But you made it seem like you were and that’s why I hated you!”
“Well then you shouldn’t assume! It’s as simple as that Y/N! Just ask! I hate that you always made me go after you. You never texted me first. You never even spoke to me in person first! What do you think goes through my mind with those types of singles?”
“You should think that i’m nervous! But instead, you decide to just stop talking to me after we kiss?! You thought that would solve everything?!”
“Think of it this way. You know after a first date a girl is supposed to send a thank you text? If a girl doesn’t send that, a guy takes it as she didn’t have fun. If she does, that’s opening a door for us. I was waiting for you to text me and say hi or something! Just to see where we still stand. But you didn’t! You were the one that avoided me!”
“I didn’t avoid you!”
“Yes you did. You just kept telling yourself I was the one avoiding to make it easier on yourself.”
“Why would I avoid you if I liked you so much?!”
He freezes up again, tensing at the phrase.
“What? Why do you get so weird when I tell you that liked you?”
“I…I should probably head back.”
“You’ve only been here for like 20 minutes.”
“Yeah well, I came to catch up not be interrogated.”
“You’re the one who brought it up,” you counter.
“And you’re the one who won’t let it go. It was years ago Y/N. Drop it and relax.”
You raise your eyebrows, “You know what, go ahead and leave. I don’t even know why I ever liked you in the first place. You’re the biggest jackass i’ve met.”
He looks at you, pain disguised in his eyes, “I shouldn’t have called your name out in the mall. I was happy to see you. Now I wish I really did avoid you. I don’t know why I ever liked you in the first place either, so don’t worry, you’re not the only one.”
He storms out the apartment, leaving you speechless.
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whoa I was totally still in drama mode and I thought they were gonna start making out all of a sudden or 😁
I'm only sharing. @EmmaJolie...Who knows if she'll write a part 2. Let's all beg her together because I don't want it to end this way either @crazychikki @SugaMint
I'm kinda anxious what a Jin angst would be like.
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