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What do you guys think?
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@cindystran ohhhh I used copics to marker it all.
@Fromtheheart what's copics? Lol. Btw, your blending skills is amazing especially highlighting the light and dark areas.
@cindystran copics are a type of artistic marker that have a paint brush like nibb and are very good for getting an even appearance when it comes to the markering. There so many pretty colors and they work very well. Thank you so much I've been experimenting with my blending and tried a lot of flicking with the marker with this drawing. With more practice on the skill, I probably could do a lot better lol. Do you draw?
@Fromtheheart Thanks for explanation! Also, keep it up! :) I paint for fun and I've been practicing mix media (watercolor + ink). Not as good as yours though. haha