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LOL I KNOW WHAT HE WOULD CONFESS : "Aye bro what bb cream you use your face is fineeee"
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Jackson!!!... Why you lick'n your lips for?! Instructor Park is not a piece of candy! Lol.... But he kinda is eye candy.... Oh gawd getting off topic 馃懏馃嵀馃嵀馃嵀馃嵀
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@twistedPuppy there goes that wonderful mind of urs, but fr Got7 should stage an intervention for Jackson, he's such an incurable flirt, no wonder Mark's got a side dish in Jr
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Yo, don't be cheating on Mark now. He could be watching XD
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Lol jackson ain't lying, the guy is handsome. I couldn't even pay attention to jackson, and that's really saying something
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