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The sight that beheld me when I opened the door was permanently engraved in my mind. My boyfriend was half naked in our bed, with another half naked guy, also in our bed. Together.
“Mark?” I called timidly through the crack in the door.
“Anna?!” I heard loud rustling of the sheets as both boys struggled to make themselves decent. “You can come in.” I slowly opened the door to see them him fully dressed. “I swear it wasn’t what you think. We were just watching TV on the bed, and you know guys walk around shirtless. I do it all the time.” I believed him, but I wanted to meet this other guy. I looked around to find him. My eyes widened at the familiar body and my heart began to race. HIs back was turned, but I would recognize him a mile away.
“Jagi, what’s wrong? Why are you so pale? Are you sick?” He rushed over to my side and began checking my temperature with his palm. My eyes remained planted on the back of the man in front of me. I could tell who he was by the way he stood and the outline of his body
“Jackson,” I whispered.
“Do you know him? He’s in my group Got7.”
“Get him out of this house. Get him out right now!” I shrieked.
“Jagi? Jackson, what’s going on.” At that time, Jackson had finally turned and locked eyes with me. A line of curses was muttered under his breath. I broke free from Mark’s grasp, and rushed out of the bedroom. I never thought I would see him again. I never wanted to see him again. The guy who took my virginity from me. Unwillingly.
Just thought I would also throw out my Markson teaser just in case you guys aren't already dying from the last chapter of Bonding Desire :) I have no idea when this is coming out, but I had a sudden idea, and decided to type up the teaser. I told you guys the your comments make me want to write more and more! I'm just tagging those who are on my current story tag list, but if you don't want to be included in this one shot list, just let me know!
I feel like this story is going to be way too complex to be a one shot 😂 I'm not used to writing one shots so my ideas are generally too big. Guess I'll end up making this one into a short story
man this story went from 0-100 real quick
Please tag me! 😍
Yassss tag me
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