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》Angst 》Smut 》Swearing 》Rate Mature 》Romance Taehyung(V) X reader


A unconditional love story about a heart wretching breathe taking romance between a boy and a girl.
"What do you do when the one person who fix your heart is the one who broke it?"
Requested by @ParkHwaYoung ° sorry of it took me long to do it but I'll always complete my promise ^_^ hope you enjoy it.
To be honest You've never notice how much it killed me to see others make you smile so cheerfully, To see you treat them so sweet and kindly. When you make them smile and laugh right in front of me... I swear I could feel my heart tiring. Was my smile not beautiful enough for you that you had to make other smile so brightly too. I remember there was a time that you spoke with that sweet gentle tone of voice to me before too. I never felt special towards you because you've always treated everyone else the same or even better then me...and yet I force myself to believe in your lies. To fool my heart into believing you held me up so high above airplane in sky. But it was all just a lie, a misunderstanding. because before I knew it I was falling down crashing down into the ground. Was I just a toy for you to play with until you got bored?  A toy you use for your own entertainment? Was my love for you just a game? WAS I? I'M NOT A TOY! I'M ONLY  HUMAN! I HURT TOO! I CRY TOO! I'M ONLY A FUCKING HUMAN! why did I let you come so close to my heart? Why did I let down my walls just to have you destory my sanctuary. Maybe it was stupid of me to actually believe you once loved me. To believe you'd catch me when I was falling. °•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°•☆°

Two years before.

"Why did I let myself fall for you?" You cried as you gently hit your Taehyung chest, weakly and effortlessly. "Why was I so navi and easily fooled by you?! why?!" You cooed. "WHY DID YOU MAKE MY WORLD COLORFUL JUST TO TURN IT BLACK AND WHITE ALL OVER AGAIN!?" You drop to your knees as you felt every single ounce of pain crumble on top of you. "Was I the only idiot who fell for you tricks" you yelped and sniffled through each hard and suffocating breath of cry. You look up to find your Taehyung eyes wondering off somewhere else. You felt your stomach knot up as your eyes continued to tear up. you grunted as you bite down onto your bottom lip. your Taehyung notice, he couldn't bear it anymore as he drop down next to you and pulls you into his embrace. the warmth of this his body, the scent of his skin, the safe and warm home welcoming feeling he made you feel brought more agony into your weaken shattering heart. "don't cry anymore (Y/N) please I hate seeing you suffer" He caresse your cheek. "But I loved you so much!" you sob harder "i'm not worth your tears though" He said as he brushed your hair with his fingers away from your messy puffy face and runny nose. you knew this day was coming, yet you tried to deny the fact that one day this happy moment well come end. But you still fooled your heart and mind Into believing other wise. Now you sit by your window In sadness as you watch your first love enter his car as he drove farther and farther away from you. your crawled up into your bed as you let out the most painful and heart breaking cry as you hug your pillow tightly. all of the joyful memories of him will now only be heart breaking story's that play in your head over and over again. Well you ever be happy again? will you ever find your sanctuary, your paradise? Will you ever truly feel wanted, love, care for and adored by someone? Maybe... but that a story that is yet to be unfold. °☆•°☆°•☆°•☆°•☆•°☆•°☆°•☆°•☆•°☆•°☆•°☆•

Present day.

It was broad day light, as the sun rays peer throw your Velvet curtains, the light hitting your face as it woke you from your sleep. You had woke up with a mean Ole headache, your eyelid felt sollowen and heavy to even open. your body felt weak and slumpy as you crawled out of bed, dragging your feets as you head towards the bathroom and into the shower. the feeling of the warm water falling down against your back made it feel like you were under thousands of blankets. What you enjoyed most about showers was when you'd cry and the water would wash away all your pain and every tear that streamed down your cheek. You shuttered as you inhaled sharply, wrapping your arms around yourself. suddenly your knees weaken as you drop down and began to feel that tight knot in your throat again. You started thinking about last night. you did things you regret doing again. You had drank so much until everything went blur and grey. You don't remember much but someone taking you to a close by motel and having his way with you. By the time he finished having sex with you, he took off and left you there. You curled up in the bed as you began to cry. You don't what's become of your life, all you know is that you sleep with people just to fill up the void and empty feeling within you. Losing Taehyung had left a hard impact on your life. "Why does it hurt so much?" you uttered, cuffing your both hands over your mouth, tring to hold back each yelp you let out. You felt so disgusting and dirty as you scrub your body roughly leaving rash marks all over it again as the steaming burning hot water leave your body flush red. You had scars and marks onto your skin, you've become such a germs phob It's unbearable. suddenly your cell phone began to ring. you quickly leap out of the shower butt naked running toward your nightstand were you had your phone charging. quickly you checked who it could be as your heart races hoping it was him. sadly it wasn't instead it was your mother calling again to tell you what a ungrateful daughter you are again. lately you've been feeling really stress out and your mother wasn't of any help either. it felt like everything just keeps crumbling down before you. Like you've had just started to fly until someone decided to shot you down. Work had been a pain too, especially since your female co works been targeting you for some odd reason. Imagine everyday leaving work and constantly wondering "did I make any mistakes today?" or "did anyone notice I miss up again?" You've grown tired of this routine, but what made things worse is that your cousin has startws working with you but she a higher title in work then you. You can't stand the fact that your family continuously compared you two. You let out a heavy sigh, staring blankly at your reflection in the bathroom mirror. you hated what you saw, you raked your nails across your arm leaving red strike down them. staring blankly at the tube filled with water. today was a family gathering and you didn't want to go, you knew that everyone was going to point out what wrong with your life. you grunt and went under the water holding your breath, closing your eyes as you drifted away. *Buzzz Buzzz boom boom buzz* you quickly shot up, the sound of rapid knocking at your door was head and your phone going off. "(Y/N) open the door open the door!! hurry hurry!" you heard Namjoon shouting. you quickly put on your shirt and sweats still drenched as you ran towards the door. you locked your door and opened. Namjoon rushed you and hugged you lifting you up off your feets. "(Y/N) guess what!?" Namjoon said excitingly "what?! and put me down" you shouted. "He said yes!" "OMG no way really so is it official" you said as your eyes widen with enjoy. "Well no not exactly, he just said maybe he'll think about it" Namjoon sighed. "Oh wow really, anyways so you going to our family gathering this weekend?" you huffed as you looked through your closet for clothing. "To be honest I kinda don't feel like it knowing how their going to ask me if I'm married yet or have a girlfriend" Namjoon rakes his hair back. "UGH I hate when they do that" you cooed "I mean Obviously I'm not married if I'm there alone it's obvious I have no girl" Namjoon exclaims "Let alone the fact your gay" you mentioned "yeah but they don't know that" Namjoon states "yeah cause if your father found out he would disown you" you said as you got dressed in front of Namjoon. Namjoon just agree in a hum. Namjoon and you walked to the bus stop near your place, you talked about last night and how you got so drunk and left with someone again. Namjoon shook his head in disappointment, as he pinched you under your arm. Namjoon scold you about not taking care of yourself and how you have to be careful because you could catch something. He went on about health and what not that you just dozen him out. It became a habit now since he constantly talk about things you really don't care for or already learn in school. looking out the bus window think about him again, you didn't understand why you couldn't seem to get over Taehyung. Everything you did or do remind you of a time with him, everywhere you look you'd see him and everything, every little thing just remind you of him. A song about love that explained your love story A rose freshly bloom that reminded you of the night he ask you to be his star, his paradise and home, his one and only true love, his- "sanctuary?" you over heard Namjoon "what?" you asked him as you turn to face him "there a little party for our job their celebrating the great work we've done and how the head owner of the company is sending his son to be working with us. they said that they will officially call our department sanctuary" Namjoon explain "sanctuary? why that?" you said with a puzzle expressions. "hmm weird..." "What? talk woman!" you shouted as you shook Namjoon by the shoulders. "okay, okay relax don't get you granny pantie in a bunch" he bust out laughing as you glare at him. "Well anyways, it say that the head chairman son name it that, apparently because we are a welcoming and promise to give everyone their own true paradise, their sanctuary and safe place" Namjoon continued reading the news on his phone. "also our party theme will be sanctuary so dress up nice and angelic for it" Namjoon advice you. "Why ? said who?" you asked "do you not check your emails seriously" Namjoon said as he nudged you. getting off the bus and walking a couple of blocks to your work place together laughing about who knows what. when you entered your job you didn't expect anything like this to happen to you. just when you felt a bit better it happens again "Oh (Y/N) and Namjoon say hello to the new boss/director" you heart stop as the air thicken. you felt as everything begin to fade out, the sound of everything becoming shallow and eochie. you swore that today you'd stop and move on. but now that going to be the most hardest thing ever to do... "Oh nice to meet you sir," Namjoon shook his hand. "Nice to meet you too, you can call me Taehyung" he smile at Namjoon and shake his hand firmly. Taehyung looks at you, his expression changes as he stick out his hand in front of him, waiting for you to shake it. you bow and walk away fast as possible. you head to the bathroom; standing over the sink. "What am I going to do why him why now why when I just started feeling a bit better" you said to yourself. "No, you don't know him got it! " you repeated to yourself over and over. walking back into the offices and towards Namjoon Taehyung and a coassistant. you stood in front of Taehyung he look surprised. you sighed as you stuck out your hand and smiled. "Nice to me you, my name is (Y/)last N) (Y/ first name) it nice to meet you I look forward to walking with you" you greeted, Taehyung look at you as he slowly shake your hand. he seem confused but you didn't brother to care and walked to your desk. you laid your head on to as you huffed. You knew from today and on wards your life wasn't going to play out as plan. "Aish! what do I do now?" you whined quietly.




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