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I think there's a lot of misinformation going around. The most impartial explanation I've seen that covered all of the facts came from reddit, and I pasted it here: Zimmerman claimed that while he was walking on the property, Martin jumped him, knocked him down, was beating him up, and tried to take his gun, at which point Zimmerman shot him. The witness with the best view of the fight saw one person on top of another, beating him. He believed that the person on the bottom was wearing a red shirt. Zimmerman was wearing a red shirt (or jacket or sweatshirt). Zimmerman had cuts on the back of his head that are consistent with it being hit against a sidewalk while he was on his back. The coroner testified that the gunshot wound was consistent with Martin being shot while bending over someone. Now for my opinion: If you ask me, Zimmerman chose to kill Martin. I don't know whether it was based on race, but based on the evidence there was not a good reason to use deadly force. Unfortunately, based on Florida's law, this is perfectly legal. So it looks like Zimmerman is legitimately not guilty based on the letter of the law. He may not be guilty, but he's from innocent...
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What u cats don't know Zimmerman also said he hit his head on a street sign as well as the sidewalk that would explain why he had two little gashes instead of rash that u normally see from having your head repeatedly bash against the concrete
Why do you think that?
I agree with @leecatlee & @curtisb, yes stand your ground laws are terrible :c
all true, and i agree that he was "not guilty" but still, I think florida's (and 20 other states') stand your ground laws are terrible
i think a blackstone's formulation is appropriate here: “It is better that ten guilty persons escape that that one innocent suffer.” so yeah, basically this legal system could not find zimmerman guilty, but only to protect innocent people using the same logic (i.e. beyond reasonable doubt). also that guy is going to be stigmatized for the rest of his LIFE
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