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“Let’s meet up again soon okay? Don’t be a stranger!” Elise hollered as she walked away, hand in hand with her new found boy toy. You sighed in relief. “I’m guessing you are glad that dinner is over?” Wonho asked jokingly, hoping to lighten up the mood. “This is the third one this month and it is also the third time we are eating here. Not only is this place expensive but it has an annoying dress code that we have to follow,” you complained. Wonho wrapped his arm around your waist. “But I like you in a mini dress. Especially when it hugs onto your body so tightly,” he whispered as you both made your way towards his car. “Well I’m glad one of us likes it. It’s hard having to pretend that I’m not hungry to make sure my stomach doesn’t bulge out of the dress,” you sassed, causing him to laugh in return. “Well sorry to have to break it to you but you’ll have to be in that dress for a while. We have an hour drive back home, and that’s assuming there is no traffic."
Wonho unlocked the door and you entered, obvious signs of discomfort as you pulled on your dress that continuously rode up. "Remind me to never wear mini dresses,” you grumbled as you buckled your seat belt. Just as you snapped the safety belt, your dress rode up, slightly revealing your fuchsia pink underwear. Wonho licked his lips at your unintentional exposure, trying to control his hunger. Once you fixed your dress yet again, you lifted your head. Instinctively, he diverted his eyes, fixating his gaze to the view in front as he attempted to loosen his tie.
“Do you want me to fix your tie?” you asked, genuinely concerned as he looked as though he was suffocating. Even though you asked, you didn’t wait for a response, your hands already at his collar, loosening his tie and unbuttoning two buttons. “Is that better?” you asked. He nodded with a noticeable swallow. “Are you sure you are okay? I can drive,” you offered, your eyes full of concern as his eyes avoided yours. “No I can drive,” he assured you, switching the gear shift from park to drive.
Why does she have to be so tempting? I need to control myself. I almost pounced on her in the parking lot. The instant I saw her in that black mini dress, I wanted to rip it off and have my way with her. Is it wrong to want my hands, lips and tongue on her body, pleasuring her as she screamed my name… Oh my god…I sound like a wolf who just found his prey.
As his mind began wandering, you placed your hand on his thigh, drawing him back to reality. He quickly took a glance your way, noticing your face full of worry. He grabbed onto your hand, gripping it tightly assuring you that everything was okay as his eyes remained on the road. When he finally took the ramp onto the highway, there was visible traffic that made you scoff in disbelief. “I told you there would be traffic,” Wonho chuckled. “It’s a weekday. Why are people even out at this time? Don’t they have work tomorrow,” you whined. “Just sleep. By the time you wake up, we will be home,” he answered calmly, rubbing his right thumb on your knuckles. You smiled at him. Although his offer was tempting, you couldn’t risk falling asleep, especially when he was obviously distracted by something.
Trying to battle your temptation to sleep, you resorted to blasting music, playing on your phone and even playing with Wonho’s apple watch. However, as the car remained stationary, the view the same as it was 10 minutes ago, your eyelids progressively got heavier and heavier. You shook your head, hoping that it would snap you awake, but to no avail. With your head leaning towards the passenger window, you slowly let sleep consume you, the boring view now turning into black.
Thirty minutes had passed since you had fallen asleep and the car had moved a total of 2.5 kilometers. After a small distance was travelled, the car was stopped yet again, surrounded by other cars where the driver’s annoyance was evident. Rather than paying them any mind, Wonho looked towards you, a visible smile forming on his lips as he saw you sound asleep. As he was about to place his attention back to the road, he saw your phone light up. It was a message from Elise. He honestly could care less about what the message was; what really drew his attention was the light from the phone illuminating your panties.
He clenched his jaw, trying not to succumb to his desires. With every ounce of self control he had, he retracted his hand back onto the steering wheel, hoping that this was enough to suppress his hunger. As he attempted to wave the dirty thoughts from his mind, he couldn’t help but dive back into them as he sat silently in the car, with nothing to distract him. As tempting as it was to turn the radio on, he didn’t want to risk waking you up, so he sat in place, his hands fidgeting on the steering wheel.
With the continuous tapping of his fingers, you woke up. You first looked at the time on your phone; it was already 9:00pm. “Where are we now?” you asked groggily. When he didn’t respond, your gaze fell on him. “Babe?” you nudged him. “Y-yeah?” he answered. “Where are we?” you repeated. “Half way home. It looks like there was an accident,” he informed you, his eyes not meeting yours. You grabbed his free right hand relaying your worry.“Is something wrong? You’ve been acting strange since we left the restaurant.” He didn’t answer. “Wonho. What is going through your mind right now?” you asked more sternly. “Nothing. Everything is fine,” shaking off your question.
As he was about to pull his hand back, his fingers slightly grazed your core causing you to moan. His eyes darted to you. “What was that?” he asked in a low tone. Pulling your dress down, you tried to play it off. “What are you talking about?” He smirked. “What was that sound you made earlier?” he asked teasingly, his free hand travelling up your leg, stopping at the hem of your dress. Your eyes widened in alarm. With a flick of his finger, you released a more audible moan. “If you know what it was then why bother asking,” you lashed out, slapping his hand away.
While looking outside the window, hoping to hide your embarrassment, your attention was drawn back to him. “What do you think you’re doing?” “If your face looks like that, everyone is going to know what we are doing in here,” he taunted. About to push his hand away from your womanhood, he pushed the fabric away, his fingers now sliding at your folds. “Ahhh,” you cried out. Amused at your reaction, he continued to tease you. Regardless of the car behind you honking for him to move forward, his fingers continued their delicate service at your folds.
“You know you are making it obvious…people are starting to look our way.” You glared at him. “Who’s fault do you think that-” Before you could finish your sentence, he plunged his middle and index fingers into your core, a loud moan escaping your lips. You placed your right hand over your mouth, hoping to stifle any sound from coming out, while the other gripped onto the arm of the seat. He laughed. “Wow you are already soaking wet. There must be something exciting about doing it openly huh?”
His fingers rhythmically pumping into you made your breathing jagged and abnormal. Not only was it astonishing that he was doing this so openly, but what surprised you was him maintaining his composure; his eyes on the road unfazed, one hand on the steering wheel and his other probing your womanhood. “If you keep breathing that much, I won’t be able to see the road,” he chuckled as the car began to fog up from the steam of your breath. Although you wanted to reply to his annoying remark, you couldn’t. You couldn’t even formulate a proper thought let alone a complete sentence; the sensation of his fingers were driving you crazy.
“Pull over,” you demanded, your voice faint. “Did you say something?” “Pull over,” you repeated, your voice still inaudible. “I can’t hear what you are saying.” “PULL THE DAMN CAR OVER!” you shouted, surprising him. “I’m in the middle lane, I can’t just-” “I don’t care. Pull over to the side. Get off the highway. I don’t care. Do what you have to,” you barked. Without a word, he slipped his fingers out, his hand resting on your thigh, signalling for the next exit ramp. When he finally got off the highway, he parked the car in a deserted mall parking lot, his heart rate increasing rapidly with the sudden turn of events.
He turned the engine off. “Are you-” Your right hand grabbed his tie and pulled his face towards yours until your forehead was pressed against his. “I can’t believe the stunt you just pulled. You did this so you are going to take responsibility for it,” you panted. “Wait what are you talking-” Before he could finish his sentence, your lips crashed onto his, engaging him into a hot and passionate kiss. Without delay, his tongue entered yours, declaring dominance over the situation. Desperate for him, your hands made their way to his shirt, buttons flying as you ripped his white polo shirt open. He grabbed your hands. “Wait. Let’s go to the back seat. This is in the way and I want you on me. I want your body touching mine,” he breathed heavily. Although you could careless, you complied to his wishes, hastily opening the passenger door and entering the back seat next to him.
“In a rush now are we?” he teased as your hands reached for his pants. “You know, you sound a lot better when you aren’t talking,” you sassed. “Well why don’t we fix that?” he suggested, his fingers tapping onto his luscious lips. You situated yourself on top of his lap, your legs on either side and your breasts resting perfectly at his eye level. You placed your index finger under his chin, lifting his head up. “Eyes up here,” you commanded. He smiled in return, letting you take control of the situation.
Seductively inching your face forward, you planted a soft kiss on his lips, breaking the contact almost instantly. “It’s not nice to tease you know,” you grinned as your hand travelled down to his member; with a slight squeeze of his stiffened length, he inhaled sharply. “How does it feel to be on the other end of it?” you asked in a flirty tone. His hands now at the back of your neck pulled you closer to him, his lips just barely touching yours. With a winning smile, he pressed his lips against yours, continuing the heated kiss you initiated previously.
His hands then travelled from your hip to the top of your dress, slowly unzipping it. Hastily slipping your hand out of the sleeves, he pulled the dress down, a strapless bra a barrier to your breasts. With one swift movement, he unclipped it and tossed it aside, your breasts now making direct contact with his chest as your lips remained busy. As the kiss grew progressively deeper, you let out a slight moan in response to his hands pinching your nipple. “Take off your pants and boxers. I want you in me now,” you demanded. He laughed against your lips, loving your desperation for him.
“I’m serious take them off,” you demanded, refusing to go any further until he complied. You lifted yourself slightly so that he could remove his pants and boxers, to which he did in one fluid motion. Not too long after, his hands found your underwear, sliding them off perfectly. Once your core and his length were fully exposed, you situated yourself over top of his member. Slowly, you lowered yourself, moaning as his length filled your core. “I can’t believe how tight you got after only one week of no sex,” he growled into your neck.
Once his member was fully inside, you placed your hands on top of his broad shoulders for support. He then placed his hands back onto your hips, slowly guiding you in an upward and downward motion. With every movement down, his member hit your spot so perfectly, making you a mess of all sorts. As you started to rhythmically move on your own, his hands made their way back to your breasts, his hand playing with your left nipple and his mouth sucking on the right.
Receding back down once more, you decided to shift slightly to put yourself in a more comfortable position. As you did, Wonho winced in pain, his grip tightening on your thighs. “Sorry,” you breathed. Once you were in a better arrangement, you began to move your hips so that it was forming a figure 8. Although moving up and down was the given standard in this position, moving your hips this way made his member hit your walls perfectly, nearing you closer to your climax. With only several motions after, you and him reached your high, both releasing in unison.
You collapsed over him, your legs giving in as it no longer contained any strength. “Can you still drive or do we have to sleep here?” you spoke against his neck. “Yeah I can. But are you okay? Can you move?” he asked as he wiped the beads of sweat trailing down the side of your face. “Perfectly fine” you smiled. As you made an attempt to move off of him, you couldn’t. Despite your mind saying yes and your sad attempt of convincing your body that you could, you couldn’t. “Okay…maybe I lied. I can’t really move. My legs are like jelly,” you admitted. Taking his hand, he removed his member from your core. “Can we stay like this for a bit?” you asked, burying your face into the side of his neck. “ long as you want,” he muttered against your forehead, his hands wrapping tighter around you.

Appa why are you helping Wonho aggressively swerve from his lane?! My overactive imagination isn't helping either 😳😳😳 Wonhoe stop being so sexy!!!
@VKookie47 😂😂 Wonhoe I love that.. you know appa only has good intentions 😘
@staceyholley I mean 💁 he's the hoe in monsta x 😂😂
@mrsjeon I love the the twirling
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