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'll be going on a vacation sometime this summer! Probably around June or early July. So, I started looking at new clothes for traveling already. I think it's my little excuse to do some light shopping because I know that I won't shop while traveling. I want to spend more time hopping around the popular food stops and hidden gems!
The potential destination is Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Guangdong (China). I've never been to any of the places listed above but I heard it's going to be humid. I'm thinking about looking for some light airy tops. Most of what I current have are dark colors and it absorbs more heat.

What is everyone's summer staple and what do you suggest I pack?

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after the outfits, run down to the health & beauty area for sunblock!! oh & grab those little water bottle, pain killers, & some immunity vitamin thing if ur going in a diff country.
@TessStevens @MyAffairWith @Scheherashared Thanks! Now that two of you mentioned sunblock I have to pack it lol. That's an item I always forget when traveling.
@cindystran good item to put in there. Sunscreen is very important.
When it's muggy or humid, I like dresses. They are breezy and versatile (think accessories). I agree Sunscreen is a must and perhaps insect repellent. A nice hat and sunglasses with comfy shoes. I hope I've been helpfully. Enjoy your trip. It sounds amazing.
Shorts, cute but expensive looking sandals, sunnies, and a racer back shirt.