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Prologue A life that's dream like. A dream that's like real life. I could never tell the difference between the two. A monster that wander my dreams of the night. A voice that whispers in my ear during the day. A monster that I created because of my fears. He was my comfort, my love…. My only friend. He saved me from that horrible life i lived but now he’s my enemy. I am no longer that scared little girl he once loved. The thought of who I was before left angers him. I want to be around others and reach my dreams but he only wants me for himself. The time I realized I no longer needed his help he began to hurt me. He began to make me fear again.   That's when I realized I've been sleeping with a monster. “ My dear, what brings you to my sacred home? I thought you never wanted to see my face again.” he mocked me as he looked in the mirror. “Though,  I don't know why exactly.  I am sexy after all.” he smirked sickly at me. It was true the man I made up in my conscious was beautiful more than any man I’ve seen. Though his personality resembles a serpent. He had dashing features: Sharp jaw line, beautiful red eyes, slightly tanned skin , muscular yet slim body ,  tall, and beautiful silver and black  hair. He was truly every girl's desire and wasn't afraid to show it either. “ I have a request -” “ Request-  request…. Mm I never was the one to take up favors nor would I listen to you anymore.” he chuckled. “ Just… Please listen to me this once.” I pleaded. He sighed and looked at me with his deep red eyes. “ Why should I?” he crossed his arms as he sat down on his black leather couch. “ B-because …. You said you would always protect me. That you would do anything for me as long as I was okay.” I said looking at him. My voice was soft from being so tired of crying. “ That have changed now.” he said closing his eyes. “ What do you mean by that? Don't you love me? “ “ Shouldn't I be asking you if you still love me? You’re trying to get rid of me and I know it.” his jaw clenched a little after he spoke. “ I did …. I do but…” “ But what?! You have a new life now so you want to leave me behind!? You said you love me. “ he yelled with so much sadness in his voice. I never wanted to leave him behind but he hurts me… “ You’ve became selfish and jealous! You made me into something I never wanted to be! I want friends, I want a normal family, I want to reach my dreams!…… I want to find love.  You say you would protect me and make me happy but you're hurting me. You always state my insecurities and make me feel worthless…. I can't take it anymore.” my eyes stung from tears of anger and sadness. “ I only did that because ever since you move in with that women you never visit me. You forgot about me…. Y-you abandoned me. You said you would never do that to me unless it was time for me to let go! I-it’s not time….. You’re not safe yet. D-dont you see how much I care?”  tears fell down his face as well. My heart clenched as I remembered our childish promises we made. “ Just let me go. I want to be free from you.” my voice broke. “ Never.” he says still with his eyes closed “ Just please let me live my life without you doing things to ruin it. You don't have to leave but just leave me alone.” “ Stop making me into a monster! All I ever did wrong was to love you! If you didn't want me in the first place why did you call me!? You never loved me ! You never did.” his voice soften into a whimper. Why was this so hard? Why are we doing this? “ Dongwook-ah, I-” suddenly I was pushed to the wall harshly. I winced as the wind was nearly knocked out of me. “ I love you so much. No one else will ever love you like me. If they do…… I will officially let go but as of now…” he looked deeply at me as he towered me. “ You’re mines….” he kissed me roughly. My body starts to get weak under his touch. “ Dongwook-ah. . please”  he sighed pulling me into his arms. He was cold yet very warm. It always confused me. “ Fine. I will let you be but if I say a few things every now and then,sorry.” he said in defeat “ Thank you.” I said as my body began to become limp and my eyes began to get heavy. I was about to leave this dream. “ Just know …. You will need me and when you do I will come back no matter what. You are mines….” I left his world to return to mines. Waking up in my room.  
~~~~ A/N Alright I hope you guys enjoyed that ! Excuse my poor grammar and all that jazz. Though my native is English I am absolutely horrible at it. So the big change i did was making a embodiment of the voice that bothered Sarang in the old version. Anyways , more chapters will be swung your way soon since this story is already somewhat finished. I just like to change a few things everytime I get ready to post a chapter so yeah~~ Also, can you guess who this beautiful man is? If you guys want I could maybe draw him and then post his real pictures and the character version/drawing to show you what inspired me to make him this character . ( tbh my drawing skills are limited but I will try my best! !) im not sure if the majority will know him but lets say: He was my first love He was Rain's rival in the early 2000's He is good friends with the YG family He has his own company If you know who it is let me know in the comments. Also I love that you guys are hearting my story but don't be afraid to comment down below. it gives me strength to write when you guys comment. So my dear ninja reader give me some love yo!! much love ~~ Sasha
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