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So usually I have no problem figuring out what to watch, what to try & what to ignore. This season, the person that writes the show descriptions got hit in the head or something because the descriptions really suck. So, what do you think is really good ? Give a description that will make someone want to watch it as well. Currently I am watching:
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Remember how SNK/AoT made you feel when it started? The detail, the rush, the awesome cinematics? Now imagine them better & you have Kabaneri. Undead monsters called Kabane have taken over & humanity has isolated itself in fortified stations with controlled access. Ikoma builds hayajiros, armored steam trains used to travel between stations, and has built a gun capable of piercing the iron cage around the kabane's heart. When a runaway hayajiro crashes the gate & floods the station with kabane, it's up to Ikoma and a curious traveler named Mumei to save the survivors & escort them to humanity's last stronghold, the Iron Fortress.
Boku no Hero Academia In a world where superpowers(quirks) have become common place, Izuku(Deku) is quirkless. What he lacks in power he makes up for in heart & his study of heros. When he meets the greatest hero All Might, he gets the chance to attend the hero academy & prove himself. Will his heart, body & observations be enough to get him through & achieve his life long dream of becoming a true hero?
Mayoiga A group of people who are unhappy with their current life are given the chance to start over in the mysterious village of Nanakai. Erased from the outside world & shrouded in urban legend, Nanakai Village is the place to "do-over" your life & make a fresh start. But when unexplained phenomena begin occuring no-one is above suspicion. Will everyone's past come back to haunt them, or can they get past it and work together to create paradise?
Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta Nishimura/Rusian lives for net games. Feeling the need to have an in-game marriage he confesses to Nekohime. Unfortunately, she is a middle aged he who cross plays. This ruins the idea of in-game romance for him. Two years later, he finds himself on the receiving end of a confession/ marriage proposal. Afraid of his past he repeatedly turns down Ako, a guild member. After an IRL guild meetup, it becomes clear that Ako cannot distinguish between reality & online. Can Nishimura and his guildmates bring Ako back to reality, or will she drag them into her gaming fantasy?
Onigiri Anime shorts based on the online game of the same name. This is the story of the Kamikui, and the brave girls who fight them.
Re: Zero Subaru is a NEET. When he is summoned to another world, he uses his years of gaming to make decisions. When he is saved a beautiful but mysterious girl with a fairy cat, he attempts to return the favor by helping her return what was stolen from her. After dying in the attenpt, he realizes his only power is "Return by Death", essentially returning him to a "save point" in time and leaving his memories intact. Can he save the girl and not lose himself to despair?
Wagamama High Spec Follow the student council through hilarious antics in these cute 3 minute shorts.
didn't we watch pretty much the same shows last season too?
Mayoiga, Re:Zero and Is there Ever? are my favorites so far, but I haven't checked out Kaneberi yet because I want to binge it :D