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Because violence from the drug war is so bad in many parts of Mexico, vigilante groups have sprung up to defend their localities. It looks like there's a Catch 22 in Mexico right now, if these groups are allowed to operate, it means the government has failed to secure a monopoly on the use of force (in political science terms this is the definition of an effective state). If the groups are stopped, communities will continue to be unsafe. Check out the article for the full story.
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Well if they put down the vigilantes then who is going to protect the people? The police seem like they have already failed.
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yeah which is really disappointing. do you think the war on drugs is doing more harm than good? many people are that legalization==less death
4 years ago·Reply
or decriminalization
4 years ago·Reply
Its a sticky situation... Not sure about making drugs legal... whats your take on it?
4 years ago·Reply
Personally I think the drug war is more harmful than most of the drugs. If you ask me decriminalization beats full legalization. I wouldn't want to see "hard" drugs being sold in pharmacies though. Its tough....
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