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Hello, all! I had an idea for a pretty fun game that we could pretty much ALL DO. Care to join me?

1. Create a card.

2. Find the most DELICIOUS picture of food on your phone.

3. Put it in the card and give it a fancy food porny title.

4. TAG ME then publish it in the Food community!

You can get started creating a card by clicking right here.

My Food Porn: Fresh sushi and dango in Fukuoka

A few weeks ago, I spent a week in Fukuoka, Japan, where I visited Yanagibashi Market and ate sushi prepared from freshly caught fish, dango from a local mochi shop, and an iced chai from Manu Coffee, a small cafe with a great river view. Best lunch ever!
Now it's YOUR turn! Open up your camera roll and share, share, share!
how you tag someone?
@knotlikeotters You type an @ and their username and it does it automatically!