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Ok, let's be real: who here doesn't listen to music? Such a silly question, don't you think? I mean, music is what defines us! Music can generate so much emotion that might otherwise go untouched. Thanks to music, we can get through anything knowing we are not the only ones.


Here's to the Heartache Nothing More
Here's to the heartache is one of those songs you listen to on full blast on your headphones with your door closed and your face screaming into a pillow. Not only because it's sad, but because it's empowering. In the lyrics, the singer is trying to convince you that you will be ok and that life will be ok. He uses reasoning such as "life was built to break" and "with time comes grace." And as much as we want to not believe it, it's true. We all have to go through pain, it isn't a choice. So instead of wallowing away, get up, raise a toast, and drink to the heartache, because the fact of the matter is, you are still here. After everything that's happened, you're still here. And believe it or not, you are stronger for it! Definitely one of my favorite songs and am constantly listening to it!
Favorite lyrics: "Every dream was mine to lose And that's what it took To lead me to you."
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Definitely going to look up more about them!