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And you just can't remember what song it is? That's what just happened to me as I was listening to Monsta X's All In and just dancing away with my own moves when one move comes to mind and I have a mental breakdown because I can't remember what it's from, like I could picture the move but I couldn't picture the group or anything other than knowing that I always watch my bias when it comes around and I knew in the back of my mind that he was VERY pretty but his face or name weren't coming to mind so I sat there doing the move over and over before it hit me.... The move when SHINee sing "Odd eyed it's you." In Odd Eye. The man I was thinking of was Key. How that one tiny move and nothing else stuck out? I have no idea, but that was just a ten minute battle to figure it out.
Funny how they tormented me for so long and I just couldn't think of them @ChaErica
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yup lots of times