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http://www.koreaboo.com/breaking/super-juniors-kangin-gets-hit-run-drunk-driving/ I don't know how to post links but Kangin did a hit and run yesterday (nobody was hurt) and SM has suspended his activities. I'm not in his side, so I'm really disappointed that he did this. He was scheduled to come for the Super Camp in July in the US, but he isn't coming. To make things worse, Heechul has deleted his Instagram and no reason has been given (some suspect its due to this). Hopefully Super Camp isn't more affected than it already is.
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no its true SMS confirmed it. dude messed up no he's got to own up for it. I don't feel bad for him,and I think he needs to seek some type of treatment because according to reports thus has happened before
@LunaCordero well jeez
It's happening all over again. Reminds me of when Daesung had his accident.