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Nails On Fleek: 100 Years Of Nail Art

We've all seen the 100 years of beauty videos trending across the internet, but who would've thought there would be an 100 years of nail art video? How amazing is that? If you thought nail art just hit the scene, you're dead wrong.
If you're a fan of nail art, whether it be extravagant or minimal -- you will definitely enjoy this video showcasing the growth of nail art over the past century. Keep scrolling to check out the video below and cease to be amazed. Trust me, they were rockin' the fly manicures long before you were born.

Are you a fan of nail art or do you prefer to keep things simple?

I definitely like to keep things simple. Since I cook, clean, and do things with my hands so often - long nails just get in the way. I keep my nails short with a solid color.
Used to do nail art every 2-4 weeks
I'm with you on that one! the more minimal, the better for me. and yes, short nails all day. something about short nails screams chic and classy @alywoah
Kind of hard to pick just one!
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