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Torshi (Persian/Arabic: ترشى torshi ; Turkish: turşu; Greek: τουρσί toursi ; Bulgarian: туршия turshiya ; Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian: turšija) are the pickled vegetables of the cuisines of many Balkan and Middle East countries. The word torshi comes from the Persian word torsh, which means 'sour'. Turşu is common in Afghan, Persian, Pakistani, Mesopotamian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Albanian, Armenian, Greek, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, and Bosnian cuisine. Iran boasts a great variation of hundreds of different types of torshi according to regional customs and different events. In some families, no meal is considered complete without a bowl of torshi on the table. In Bulgarian cuisine the most popular types are tsarska turshiya 'king's pickle' and selska turshiya 'country pickle'. Toursi is a traditional appetizer (meze) to go with rakı, ouzo, tsipouro, and rakia. In some receipes the tursu water (turşu suyu) is also drinkable and very popular in Turkey Making turşu at home is still a widespread tradition during the autumn months, even in the big cities. Turşu is often served in restaurants or it can be bought prepared from large supermarkets.
aaahhhhh nothing like a sour, cold pickled turnip! I love turshi!
oh wow, this all looks SO delicious *q*
@farveharparsi thank you!
I'll be happy , I put recipes Persian Mixed Vegetable Pickle :)
@farveharparsi I can help u to explain if u like
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