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Aries: Your girl’s waist I put my arms around like a hoola hoop, shooby doop I’ll sing my way inside her pants right to her coochie cooch. Taurus: I’m the muhfuckin truth so sick every meal I eat chicken noodle soup. Gemini: You a fake ass hoe you a fake ass hoe you a fake ass hoe you a fake ass hoe. Cancer: Your girl whack me off, and you? You’re just whack to me. Leo: Toilet, yeah I’m the shit. I’m the diarrhea in your stomach. Virgo: Yeah you’s a skateboarder and I’m a rail, better grind up on me better use your tail. Libra: Yo girl a turkey on my dick gobble gobble, I’ll fuck her till her knees wobble wobble. Scorpio: I’m a dick to you when I should be giving dick to you. Sagittarius: Her wand is my dick and she be doin magic tricks. Capricorn: My flow hard, I gave it viagra. Try me you will fall, call you Niagara. Aquarius: I get lost in your eyes I’ll get lost in those thighs. Pisces: I’m so wavy like my life had a perm bitch. credits to the owner here
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@HerosBells no problem
Why do I always crack up on the Aries and the turkey bit?
her wand is my dick...omg priceless
I'm a magician..........