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It's a known fact that several [not all] couples gain weight once they get into a serious relationship. You may be asking yourself why, well it's pretty simple. Eating out, duh! While some people cook in, other's find it in their busy schedules to make every night a date night that includes pizza, pizza, tacos, pizza and oh yeah, more pizza.
While gaining weight may not always be a negative, making sure you two can work it out just as much as you can eat out is extremely important. Trust me, I've been there. Getting into a relationship and gaining a couple [or more than a couple pounds] is all fun and games until you're too lazy and out of breath to go on anymore dates to grab a bite to eat.

Have you ever gained weight after getting into a serious relationship?

It's easy for me to eat relatively healthy. I do it when I am single. But when I am dating a guy who constantly has pizza and burgers around him and offers me some, it's hard to say no lol.
Umm...Couples who LIFT together, STAY together.
I gained 60 lbs(!) in a little over a year after meeting my wife because I stopped working out..thankfully I started back and now I'm losing it again
Depends. Usually when I am dating gym guys, my weight stays the same or I lose some. I dated who always wanted to eat and drink out and I did gain weight fairly quickly.
I have twice. wasn't very proud of it either. decided that I won't let it happen next time around. lets see if I can stick to my guns
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