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It's a known fact that several [not all] couples gain weight once they get into a serious relationship. You may be asking yourself why, well it's pretty simple. Eating out, duh! While some people cook in, other's find it in their busy schedules to make every night a date night that includes pizza, pizza, tacos, pizza and oh yeah, more pizza.
While gaining weight may not always be a negative, making sure you two can work it out just as much as you can eat out is extremely important. Trust me, I've been there. Getting into a relationship and gaining a couple [or more than a couple pounds] is all fun and games until you're too lazy and out of breath to go on anymore dates to grab a bite to eat.

Have you ever gained weight after getting into a serious relationship?

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I've definitely heard that before!! @atmi
yes yes yes
My boyfriend likes to clean his plate every time he eats so he always tells me "STOP ME. STOP ME." and we have to make sure we aren't stuffing ourselves hahaha
I went from like 110 to 170, but then I had the baby and lost all of it. my aunt absolutely hates me for it. I can tell because she complains that I'm too skinny >=) But, yeah, my man complained that he was gaining weight too lol.
I got skinny but thick in the right places lol. I was in the middle of fasting and working out 6 times a week too