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I stumbled inside of Anthropologie yesterday after spending a bit of time in the city. While Anthro can be rather pricey, I like to browse and dabble every now and then just to see what they have.
While browsing, I stumbled across a few sunglasses and these babies immediately caught my attention. I was torn between getting them and leaving them there for someone else to fall in love with.
After literally contemplating for what seemed to be donkey years, I finally decided to go with my heart and invest -- and let me tell you I'm so glad I did. I'm super in love with the rose shade and how oversized they happened to be. I was considering getting prescription lens put into them so I can wear them as glasses, but I'm on the fence. Maybe you ladies can help me in deciding.

Should I leave them as sunglasses or get prescription lens put in?

Perfect!! Thank you! @EasternShell
I vote prescription for longer love fest.
Leave em as is.
The hat lol
The sunnies are cute. Perfect for spring, summer and fall. Also, I definitely, agree with @EasternShell!