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Flat ironing natural hair can be a struggle, but like with anything else -- it takes a bit of patience. In the video below, Youtuber J MAYO shows us how she flat irons her 4C texture hair. If you don't think it can be done, believe me -- she gets it done and slays for days. If you have natural hair and happen to be having a bit of trouble when it comes to straightening your hair, keep scrolling to see how it's done below.

Have you ever flat ironed your own hair?

Was the process difficult?
I've never flat iron my hair but I've seen my mom flat iron her client's hair. She recommends not to use heating tool too often for natural hair. It will eventually damage the hair.
I straightened it once, but too much hassle. Humidity, rain, strong wind, my hair reverts back. That's time I wasted.
I have been natural for 1.5 years now and habe only straightened my hair once (at a salon). It was a long process there with 2 stylists working on me because I have thick hair. I don't know what type I am though.
I flat iron my hair once a week. It's a horrible, tedious, agonizing process. One of the reasons I shaved my head.