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Ladies, would you wash your husbands feet?

Fellas, would you allow your wife to do this?
While I think this is taking things a bit far, I'm bias. If my husband wants a pedicure in the comfort of our home -- so be it. It's totally different to wash his feet in front of a crowd at a wedding. I'm not feeling it at all, but different strokes for different folks.
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I grew up looking at it as a symbol of love and submission to christ. now I think its beautiful that she would want to do that on her wedding day considering that taking vows and getting married is a promise of love AMD submission to one another and becoming one.
I will freaking wash her feet and everything else she wants I mean why the f not she my wife
It depends. I mean marriage ceremonies are just a show so that all the old anties will go "Ohhhhh...", so if it's just a part of the ceremony and it symbolize devotion then whatever...
I'd wash his feet if he also washes mine.
I wouldn't let her because I'm attracted to strong independent women and I treat her as so if she wants to then that's fine, but i don't like people touching my feet.
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