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Submission: How Much Is Too Much?

Ladies, would you wash your husbands feet?

Fellas, would you allow your wife to do this?
While I think this is taking things a bit far, I'm bias. If my husband wants a pedicure in the comfort of our home -- so be it. It's totally different to wash his feet in front of a crowd at a wedding. I'm not feeling it at all, but different strokes for different folks.
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I'd wash his feet if he also washes mine.
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It depends. I mean marriage ceremonies are just a show so that all the old anties will go "Ohhhhh...", so if it's just a part of the ceremony and it symbolize devotion then whatever...
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No mam lol.
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This isn't about submission though. Christian couples do this at weddings, both the man and woman do it. It's symbolic of not wanting to be served but to serve and is a mirror of what Jesus did for his diciples before he was crucified.
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not at all
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