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Genre: Angst Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
Once you got back to the flat, you settled in and told everyone the news. Taehyung roughly knew about Namjoon and so he was the designated leader of the next mission. You decided to sit in the other room while the rest were talking. After about 10 minutes of you watching funny videos, Yoongi entered the room. You took one headphone out and waited for him to speak. He didn't. "Yes?" You finally broke the silence. "What do you want Gigi?" He avoided your gaze, "you alright?" "Fine, was that it?" He stayed silent. You shook it off and put your headphone back in, re-watching the video. At a moments notice, Yoongi was sat down next to you and was leaning over your shoulder. You heard him muffling something and took out your headphones. "What?" "What are you watching?" What was with him all of a sudden? Had he changed since you were shot at. It wasn't that big of a deal really. It had happened before. You were shot in the leg last time. "These urm... Kittens got stuck in a box and are trying to help each other out" He smiled, "can I listen?" You passed him the left headphone while you had the right and you re-started the video.
Yoongi's perspective~ It was nice of Y/N to let him watch the video. He was content watching the video but his eyes drifted from the screen to the girl beside him. Since when did she have soft looking hair? And sparkling eyes? And gentle lips? Snap out of it Yoongi! She's the competition. Well, for now, she is the co-leader. Except... What if she didn't do her best on the mission? Or got distracted? He'd easily take her place. No, he shook both thoughts from his mind and concentrated on the video once more. After 2 minutes the video finished and he looked over at Y/N to see what her next move was. She paused and then looked back at him. Their faces were so close but he didn't mind. He noticed a light pink tint in her face. She's blushing? What the hell was his next move? Before he could even think, he moved in and kissed her. Her lips felt amazing, soft and gentle, just as he expected.
Your perspective~ He was kissing you. What the actual hell? Weirdly, it felt good. It wasn't a short kiss, but it didn't last forever. Once your lips parted, you both stared at each other. It was as if neither of you knew what to say. Eventually you broke the ice with a sarcastic comment, "So when did you start liking me then Gigi?" He sighed with an annoyed tone. "When did I ever say that?" You laughed, "you know that saying 'actions speak louder than words' huh?" "You think - I.." "Well you certainly didn't hate the kiss" He smirked and it sent shivers down your spine as he leant over to talk directly into your ear, "don't think that this is a way of me confessing, if I wanted to confess then I'd come out and tell you. This isn't confessing!" You bit your bottom lip as you watched him move back to his original position. If he was going to play dirty, so were you. You leant over to his ear this time and you could hear him gulp. "What's to say that I want you to confess?" You began to plant kisses from his ear to his neck and you could vaguely make out a sigh. He was enjoying it, you could tell. You stopped once you got to his collar bone and planted one last delicate kiss right on his Adam's apple.
With that, you backed off. He looked you on the eyes. It was a weird stare that you'd never seen him give you before. It almost looked like lust. You walked off with your phone and headphones in hand and joined the group in the main room. You had taken two steps into the room when you heard running. Yoongi ran from where you two had been sat to stand in the doorway. He was certainly nicer, like the Gigi you first met and became mates with. Before all the competition. You sat down next to Jungkook. Maybe you could make Yoongi jealous. What are you even thinking? Why would he even be jealous? Why would you want him to be jealous? Well, you'd always liked to see Yoongi angry.
"So what's the plan then lads" you called out. Tae ran through it. Basically, we are going to break in. Amber and Jackson are going to get in and secure the building while you, Hoshi and Yoongi look around. The others including myself will stand on guard in case Joon boy calls for back up" You smiled and headed to get ready. Yes it was like 2 days away, but you liked to be prepared. Gigi was still stood in the doorway and so you lightly pushed him out the way. He seemed to follow you. You got into your room and began to pack your bag, you could still sense his presence. "Can I help you with something Gigi?" You turned and saw him leaning against the door frame, his gaze was at the floor as if he was avoiding eye contact. "Just wanted to see if you wanted some help!" "I can manage packing my things Gigi." He remained quiet but you heard his footsteps get closer. You could almost hear his breathing, it was that quiet. You chuckled to yourself. "What?" He piped up. You stopped to reply, "since when did you become so soft?"
Yoongi's perspective~ Soft? She'd seen him be caring. Damn it! She'd seen his nicer side, the weaker one. No wonder why she called him soft. He was defenceless but seemed to have a sarcastic façade. "Soft? What do you mean soft?" She laughed again. This was driving him insane - in more ways than usual. "Oh I'm Min Yoongi" she was imitating him, "I'm the toughest guy in the organisation. I'm the best but look..." Her voice changed from a deep voice to an airy one. "Y/N's hurt oh no, so caring, my one weakness, girls getting hurt." He snarled. What did she think she was achieving by this? More anger? He snapped and couldn't help it. He pushed her backwards so that her back hit the wall. He had his hands on her shoulders so that she was pinned to the spot. "You don't make me weak. Let's just get that straight!" He was serious now yet she had the nerve to continue being sarcastic. "Sorry, I'll rephrase that, I make you go all soft!" He hit the wall right next to her head, his intention wasn't to hit her but to scare her. He achieved that.
Your perspective~ He was angry. You started to enjoy it until he hit the wall. It sent a chill down your spine which calmed you into a serious state. "Look sweetie, while we're on the mission, you won't see me be 'soft', I'm getting the job done not accusing falsely. I can always be harsher if that's what you want" There was something telling you to stay quiet but a little voice telling you to test him further. You wanted him to get angry, it excited you when he was angry for some reason. "Depends what you mean by harsher" You replied. The sass levels were so high it was untrue. He snarled again. You were getting on his nerves it was obvious. He backed off, "you'll find out soon enough" He walked out of your room and slammed the door shut. What the heck just happened?
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Thanks @EmmaJolie , I try my best to proof read it and make sure there are no mistakes. I just worry that as I go on writing it that the quality is getting worse. You'll see what I mean after like Chapter 10
This story sends a feeling through me that only special ones do!!! This is amazing! You really have potential!!! Grammar mistakes: 0 spelling mistakes (from what I remember): 0 no mistakes at all❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣
what the heck did just happen!!!!! Omg I can't wait for the next chaoter
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