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Hey there... everyone... I've been reading so much fanfiction lately I decided to try my hand at it...
This story will more than likely involve adult themes later rather than sooner... there is minor mention in this chapter but nothing drastic... but future chapters will provide you with additional warnings and such if needed... :D
BOLD --> Internal Speech
Regular --> External Speech
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Author AU
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1,242
Summary: Reading fanfiction on the train leads to more than just another story.
Part 1/
I really shouldn’t be doing this...what if someone sees... but it’s sexy! I just can’t... uugh! Something must be wrong with me! But is that... woah! I didn’t know you could do that!
I was screaming internally at the phone in my hand. Why had my friend sent me down this path of self-destruction? Because she knows you’re a perv for smut fanfiction that’s why!
Yes... I was reading a REALLY badly written smut fic... The English teacher in me was dying from the typos, the poor wording... but for some reason I couldn’t look away. Well...I actually looked away a few times... just to make sure other people couldn’t see my blushing face.
I sighed placing my phone in my lap. It’s not like anyone could understand what I was reading; I looked around at the heads of dark hair surrounding me, all eyes glued to their phones. Hardly anyone in Korea, that I had encountered, read English well enough to understand what I was reading even if they DID see what was on my small screen.
The train screeched to a halt. I closed my eyes while a load of passengers got off, and new ones got on. I was extremely lucky this morning to have gotten an actual seat. Though, I felt bad because one of the little ajumma’s had insisted I take it.
Eyes still closed I started to think about the day ahead and the work that I would need to do.
“Let’s see,” I mumbled to myself “Middle school class starts at 10, they need to…”
“You realize that position is impossible unless one of the people is double jointed in every bone of their body right?”
My eyes snapped open and looked up to see an amused man standing in front of me.
“I’m sorry... what?” My mind was racing... What was he talking about? School didn’t require me to be double jointed... did he just speak in ENGLISH to me? My eyes went immediately to the open fanfiction on my screen, understanding dawning on me in all its horrible glory.
“The position that they’re discussing in that story you’re reading... it’s not possible unless you’re either one of those side-show Chinese gymnasts, or you’re double jointed in every joint of your body.” The amusement was now reaching the rest of his face in the form of a grin, showcasing a dimple on either side of his mouth.
I sputtered, not quite able to grasp that A. I was being spoken someone on the SUBWAY (a rare fact the FIRST time an unsolicited conversation had started on the train) and B. he COULD READ ENGLISH AND READ THE AWFUL THING THAT I WAS READING!! I could feel the blush creeping up my neck and into my cheeks and ears.
I opted for a witty comeback; at least I hoped it would be witty at this point, because I had been gaping at the man for a solid minute. “ would assume most Chinese Gymnasts are double jointed because they’re able to do all...that...stuff?” Nope...not witty at all.
His grin widened, oh my gosh...those DIMPLES!
“Yes one would assume that, I should have realized.” The train stopped again, the older man sitting next to you stood up, the dimpled stranger took his place, maintaining eye contact. “Hi. My name is Namjoon, what’s yours?” He put out his hand, I stared at it wordlessly, still reeling from the concept that someone was talking to me...IN ENGLISH...ON THE SUBWAY...IN KOREA.
The outstretched hand was waved in my face, “Hello? Are you there?” I snapped out of my daze.
“I’m sorry...I’m just...a little taken aback that you’re talking to me.” He laughed out loud, in your opinion, too loudly.
“I understand, you’re completely overwhelmed with my good looks and impeccable American accent.” He comically preened, breathing on his nails and rubbing them against his shirt. “I have that effect on people.”
My shock had finally worn off. Charming, attractive, witty, and speaks English? Where did he come from? Then a new thought re-dawned in my short circuited brain...He had seen what I was reading...what was STILL open on my phone, I quickly shut off the screen, earning a chuckle.
“Oh, I read the entire thing that was open on your page, don’t worry about me, keep enjoying.” Mortification is a very unpleasant feeling.
“I was just...reading...for...a friend?” LAME LAME!! YOU ARE SO LAAAME! I screamed at myself again internally. He just laughed.
“Again, I’m not fazed by it, but, back to the original subject, what is your name? I’ve already told you mine.”
“My name is Y/N.” I took his outstretched hand and shook it twice before my hand retreated back into my lap, death grip returning to my phone. His smile grew wider, noticing the white knuckles and the red blush continuing to make its way up to my forehead...I hope I’d put on enough makeup today to make it a little less obvious at least.
“You don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s healthy to be interested in sex at our age... speaking of age, how old are you?”
Taken aback by the use of the word SEX in public, it took me a second to realize he’d asked THE age question, was he legit HITTING on me? Again, this man had shocked me speechless. I chose to be blunt. “Are you actually hitting on me right now?” His amusement seemed to grow even more...I wasn’t sure people’s faces were supposed to stretch like that, dimples aren’t meant to be that deep.
“Ah, so you’ve caught onto my plot...Yes fair lady, I am actually hitting on you right now. But back to my question, are you a Noona? Or should I have you call me Oppa?”
This situation was right out of a story...a fanfiction I decided to just go with it...fanfiction style. “Well...I was born in 1995, so that makes me 21, and how old are you?”
“Yes! You can call me Oppa!” He pumped his fist in the air. “Next question, can I use your number to call you?”
Use my number to... oh man... I KNEW writing my new number on the inside of my flip case was a dumb idea, but, if we’re going to do this fanfiction style? Why not.
“Yes, you may use my number to call or text me, though very seriously, I don’t use my phone during the hours of 10am- 7pm.”
“Ooh, I like a woman who takes her job seriously. It’s sexy.” He practically coo’d in my ear. When did he lean in and get so close? I turned to face him directly, searching his face for any sign of joking or mockery, to find none. Did this attractive person really think I, the person who was called a Fat Nerd throughout my school years, was sexy? I cleared my throat.
“Y-yes, I take it seriously, and this is my stop, so...I must be going!” I practically leapt to the closing doors, barely making it out before they shut on my backpack, again. The train pulled away, the man named Namjoon waving at me from his spot by the window. I turned around looking at the station sign and sighed. I’d gotten off 4 stops too early.
I hope this isn't too bad... I was reading fanfiction on the subway home from work and had the weirdest need to write this story...
Have a lovely day... until next time!
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Enjoying this very much!Fan fiction style huh?! I would die if someone saw that I was reading smut on my phone!!lol. Please tag me😊