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I remember the first ANIME I ever saw was Dragon Ball Z, it was awesome. It had action, comedy, and Goku being a terrible father. But I never understood ANIME until I was in High School. I started watching the good ones like Naruto and Bleach, ya know, the shows everyone talks about. And they were good...up to the third season where Naruto had to to take on mid terms and Ichigo had to fight vampires, because why not! Because anime! I was like "OK maybe I'll move on", and that's where shit started goin cray cray!
So this is where it gets weird, (KIDS LEAVE NOW!) I never understood the term "Hentai" I heard about like Boku No Pico which is the spawn of satan! But I saw this anime called KissxSis which by the way don't look up when there are people near you! Because my friend was like "dude it's hilarious!" and I believed him, and to be honest it was hilarious, but God is it creepy! There two twin sisters (16) who DEEPLY love their little step brother (15) who has a huge c***&, and they just molest him on a daily basis. Oh and also a twelve year old wants to bang him.
So after that awkward experience. What followed were a series of Harem's I watched (cause I liked watching terrible shit) and other animes that pissed me off (Gurren Laggans ending SUCKED) and other crap. I watched Parasyte, and that my readers killed my inner otaku, why? because it had the most bullshit unsatisfiing ending ever! And I haven't seen an anime since (two years ago) ,but why? Because anime is formulaic. I said it, it's formulaic.
I probably just pissed off alot of you but hear me out! Now that in Shounens every guy character is the same, they unerestemate him, they leave him to die then comes back stronger, he's kind of an asshole, or my favorite: He's invincible! Even in Akame GA kill where (SPOILERS!) the main guy dies, but he's still getting all the girls, is a battle maniac, and wants to be stronger, and those characteristics are filled by Ichigo, Goku, And Luffy, and those are Archetypes. Every harem, the dude is an idiot who can distinguish love from friendship. Every shoujo, the main dude gives off a rapey vibe (which I find disturbing the girl fantasizes) and the girl is mad to look like an idiot, sailor moon anyone? Am I kind of making sense?
I don't hate anime, every year new anime is shown and distributed. For months I thought anime was dead, then One Punch Man came along, and I thought it was badass seeing Cailou kick ass (obscure reference) When I watched Durarara I thought it was new and awesome! Anime can be a wonderful thing, but the butt of it can drive a man insane!
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pffft I under stand that caillou refrence