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What's the Saddest Anime you have ever watched.
The Saddest Anime I have ever watched was an anime by the name of Anohana. If anyone has ever watched this anime then you know exactly how I feel. The story is very compelling with allot of tearjerker moments, so many times I thought I had the premise figured out until the climatic ending. If I had to rate this anime I would give it a 9 out of 10.
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@DenisseSanchez hahaa lol me two lol i had a big argument lol i know there not but it feels so real to me^^,i sometimes think they are lol
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Clannad, after story specifically I thought was really sad
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@Ronslegacy it has three parts It's really sad and depressing. Left me completely empty. But at the end you'll know why all of that happened and the reason. Still ends pretty sadly
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Your lie in April by far
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Angel beats
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