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I hung up the phone and turned toward the person in the room with me. "There," I began, "I told her I was getting married." I avoided eye contact with the figure. "And you are sure she will say something to that Jungkook about you getting married?" The figure stepped closer. "Yes, I'm sure." I barely managed to say. I felt tears beginning to form in my eyes. I didn't want any of this to happen, I didn’t want to hurt Jungkook. But this was all I could do to save him. "Very good Y/N, you can leave now. But remember, don't run into the boy unless you want that pretty face of his to get ruined." I looked up to face the person who was now standing a couple feet in front of me. "Don't you dare hurt him." I pleaded. The figure leaned down closer to my face and pushed the hair that had fallen back behind my ear. "Orders are orders Y/N, I'm just doing as your father says." I looked up into his eyes… Park Jimin, the boy who had been my childhood friend, was now one of my fathers lackeys. I got up, pushed past Jimin, and headed straight out the door. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, my entire childhood was ran like this. The constant pushing and pulling of who I was allowed to have in my life was nothing new. I was told it was just something that came with being the daughter of a notorious gang leader.

*Three weeks Later*

"I can what?" I said with a surprised look on my face. I had been summoned by my father, he was there with three of his newer lackeys and Jimin. I couldn't believe what he had just said to me. "You heard me Y/N, I won't stop you from seeing that boy again. He wasn't who I thought he was." My father said while he shuffled through papers on his desk. I didn't waste a single second, before my father could even look up at me I was already out his office door and heading towards the front door. Just before I could touch the handle of the front door, a hand had found its grip around my forearm and gave it a hard tug. I turned around and came face to face with a very pissed Jimin. "What the hell are you doing?" He said as he had dug his fingers into my arm. "Ouch, Jimin what is wrong with you?" I pulled my arm out of his grip. "You heard my father, He said I could see my Jungkook again." I turned back around and began to open the front door. Before I could step one foot out, Jimin had shut the door, spun me around to face him, and slammed my back against the door. "Why the hell would you go back to him Y/N?! He hasn't contacted you for almost two months now. He has probably moved on and forgot all about you!" Jimin yelled in my face. I stood there dumbfounded, how could this be the sweet boy I grew up with? The one who told me he would always protect me? "Because," I looked into Jimin's eyes, "I love him, and he loves me And besides, he would never forget who I am." With a frustrated sigh Jimin let go of me and I headed out the door. I searched high and low for Jungkook, every spot we had enjoyed for the past year together. I pulled out my phone and quickly dialed his number. "Hello?" "Kookie, it's me, where are you? I need to explain everything." I said. I froze when I heard someone else's voice on the phone with Jungkook. "Babe, who's on the phone? We are going to be late if we don't leave now." "I know Jagi, I'll be there in a second." My heart sank, I could tell he had pulled the phone away from his face when he talked to her, but I could hear every word he said. I dropped my phone and watched it shatter on the concrete. His words still ringing in my ears... "Who is this?"
OMG WTF?!?! And girl, your writing skills are on point! 👌
Stumbled across this and love it! My heart hurts but I still love it! Tag me please?
tag me pls!
nice job keep going. Poor girl Kookie moved on.
I'd be pissed. Please tag me
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