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ESPN's Chris Russel tweeted that Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG3) has been "smashing" every test he has done. Griffin is looking more and more likely to be a week 1 lock and I love drafting him in the 6th-7th round (his average ADP according to RotoWorld). I have a feeling that as more positive news comes out about his rehab, his ADP will soar. I am a big proponent of drafting your QB later, especially with so many good options. If you go WR/RB heavy in the first few rounds and can nab RG3 later, I think that is a winning strategy. Attached RG3's highlights! Click the side arrows.
Yeah definitely, hopefully everyone will take their qbs earlier and can hold out on picking RG3 until later
I wouldn't draft him too early though.. I know it's only been one season, but he has that "injury risk" to him.
looks like a good pick, thanks