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This was me at the beginning when I first discovered kpop. The first MV I ever watched and the first group I got hooked on was EXO's overdose and that was all it took. There was also one certain member who had caught my eye when I watched the video the first time and I just had to find out who he was, he was none other than EXO-K's leader himself Suho. Although my bias has changed since then but I'll insert a picture of Suho at the moment he caught my attention below.
And that my friends that look right there⬆was all it took. How did you get into to kpop? Was there a certain member that caught you attention as well? Let me know would love to here everyone's stories. Plus I need some kpop friends. My friends don't really understand my love for the music.
@CallMeMsDragon @unnieARMkeY I completely agree with the both of you
i'm in the 'so far submerged don't bother to save me' box. and i will gladly b ur friend!!
I officially am trapped oh well I love it😘🙌🙌
So true! Hahahaha
THIS WAS ME TOO lol I by got into kpop was maybe November of 2014 but I wasn't as crazy about it until I saw exo it was around the time of Call Me Baby & the first one who caught my eye was Lay.. the first Video I saw was their comeback stage so he had black hair & I dunno he just caught my attention & he's still my Fave. actually he's my UB lol
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