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When you first get into kpop
This was me at the beginning when I first discovered kpop. The first MV I ever watched and the first group I got hooked on was EXO's overdose and that was all it took. There was also one certain member who had caught my eye when I watched the video the first time and I just had to find out who he was, he was none other than EXO-K's leader himself Suho. Although my bias has changed since then but I'll insert a picture of Suho at the moment he caught my attention below.
And that my friends that look right there猬唚as all it took. How did you get into to kpop? Was there a certain member that caught you attention as well? Let me know would love to here everyone's stories. Plus I need some kpop friends. My friends don't really understand my love for the music.
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I officially am trapped oh well I love it馃槝馃檶馃檶
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i'm in the 'so far submerged don't bother to save me' box. and i will gladly b ur friend!!
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@CallMeMsDragon @unnieARMkeY I completely agree with the both of you
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THIS WAS ME TOO lol I by got into kpop was maybe November of 2014 but I wasn't as crazy about it until I saw exo it was around the time of Call Me Baby & the first one who caught my eye was Lay.. the first Video I saw was their comeback stage so he had black hair & I dunno he just caught my attention & he's still my Fave. actually he's my UB lol
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All 4 boxes were and still are me!!!!
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