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Well wedding season is around the corner as we approach the month of June. I'm already booked to attend many summer weddings. They are nice and all. But when will I get my man? Directions 1. In this challenge pick a bias of your choice to marry. 2. Then make a playlist of at least 3 possible Kpop songs you would pick to have played when you walk down the aisle. 3. Tag us 4. Tag friends 5. Or just comment your answers in the comment section ~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~∆~ OK, so I ended up getting waaaayyyyy more into this then I thought possible (to much free time at work= to much time to think about imaginary weddings lol). This is a first for me. I know the challenge is just to pick a bias to marry & a few song ideas but I decided to go for the whole ball of wax, i.e. outfits, rings, cake. I let my imagination rule this one, hope y'all like it.

My Outfit

His Outfit

The Rings

The Cake

A melding of two obsessions, what could be more perfect

Big Bang- Heaven

BTS- Fun Boys

Snuper- Shall We Dance

Bias To Marry

My UB Kim Seokjin
@EliseB I got you!!!! that is going to be the best bachelorette party on EARTH!!!!!
@EliseB do i get to be the flower girl?
I still want to marry Daesung, but ya. I'll have to make a card with my music choices.
I want to do this challenge, But I have four Biases! This is going to be a really hard one for me.
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