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The Lions are hoping that 2nd year Left Tackle Riley Reiff will be able to hold down the blind side. The right tackle will be whoever wins the competition between Jason Fox and Corey Hilliard. The Lions last year allowed the 9th fewest sacks in the NFL. That ranking will surely drop this year as both tackle spots will not nearly be as experienced as last year. The new tackles will have to face extremely tough pass rushers this year. Here is a look at their upcoming schedule: [WK] [PLAYER] [TEAM] [SACKS (2012)] 1, 17 Jared Allen Vikings 12 4, 10 Julius Peppers Bears 11.5 5/13 Clay Matthews Packers 13 7 Michael Johnson Bengals 11.5 8 DeMarcus Ware Cowboys 11.5 12 Michael Bennett Bucs 9.0 15 Terrell Suggs Ravens 2* 16 Jason Pierre-Paul Giants 6.5 This may be something worth considering when drafting Stafford. Draft at your own risk knowing the pass rush he has to face this year. Highlight video attached! Click the side arrows.
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Fox is for sure going to win that