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We've all found ourselves with a couple items in our hand thinking we would be in and out, only to find ourselves in the fitting room for what seemed like hours. You stand in front of the mirror contemplating and snap chatting the outfit to your best friend to get her approval. You're trying on your final piece only to realize it's way too snug and you have nobody to assist you while taking it off. Why didn't they tell us ahead of time how real the trying on clothes struggle was? Ladies, if you've ever tried on clothes in a fitting room then you know first hand. In the video below, YouTube sensation, IISuperwomanII re-enacts the struggle. If you're looking for a good laugh, keep scrolling.

Do you always try on your clothes before purchasing?

I hate trying on clothes. Ugh!馃槖
I always try on clothes before buying them unless I've been a frequent customer of that brand. Yes, and the video above reminds me of Victoria Secret's retail experience.
I just don't invest that much thought into an outfit. Once I find what works for me. I shop that brand. Helps me avoid the dressing room blues. The trend that I wish would go away is sheer tops. Layering is a nightmare, you have to have the right bra, the right cami or tee, ugh...and more laundry to wash.
yes! I remember doing the same when I worked in retail. it def takes a lot of patience, on both sides @petname83
when I worked in women's retail, I used to have to go in to assist. everything from adjusting bras and straps to getting off and on. the struggle is real indeed