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here we have a mix of cute sexy and weird
sleepy crying sexy and cute
conclusion he is sexy and cute;-)
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is his shirt see through on the 3rd picture on the second card?
@Helixx @HopefulHopie why does he wear long sleeves? Does BigHit know that he kills ARMYS with his arms? Are they forcing him to cover those arms!? I love him in long sleeves cause i know thats chimchim, but when he puts short sleeves on "Hello Park Jimin".
@LemonLassie. I need Jimin to stay fully clothed at all times. if I see him arms I may die a beautiful death. I also love chim chim he is so cute and playful.
@HopefulHopie sometimes it's like T.O.P when you see his arms you go crazy! lol
This man is trying to put me in my grave...